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A little bit about us

A Brief  history of our Church

Serve, Connect, Grow

All Saints goes back to almost to the beginning of the century, for in 1908 it was recorded in St Saviour's Cathedral magazine that "For nearly two years now services have been held in a little building at Allerton [Laboratory) and it I felt that the result justifies further extension."

Thus it was the that the first All Saints Church building was erected on what is now number 55 Allerton Road - a small wood and iron building costing nearly 155 pounds, nearly all of which was the profit from a Wild West Show held early in 1908.

The old Church building served till the mid 1960s, when the present Hall was built and used as a church. Without a doubt the most momentous development came around 1981, when the decision was taken that All Saints should become a United Church under the auspices of the four Mother Churches: Anglican, Congregational, methodist and Presbyterian.

Over the years we have expanded in membership and buildings, originally under the leadership of Revd Peter Parker until 1990. 

The most recent change and improvement would be the addition of the Auditorium in 2013. 

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