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All Saints Kids

Image by Annie Spratt

All Saints Kids meet on Sunday mornings during our 9AM contemporary/family services. Our heart for this ministry is to give age appropriate (Grades 1-7) messages through amazing spiritual formative curriculums, and for kids to be equipped and empowered through the love of Jesus so that they might love the world around them in the way that Jesus did.


At All Saints we take our children’s ministries very seriously, not only because of the opportunity to invest in their spiritual formation, but also because we are spiritually formed through their hearts. Kids over and over again teach us about our own spirituality and contribute to our transformation and they give us unique insight into the kingdom of God, just as Jesus said they would (Matthew 18:3, Mark 10:14, and Luke 18:17). So we warmly welcome your children to join us in this incredible ministry.


If you have any questions about this exciting ministry, please send us an email to

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