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Care Team

Image by Roman Kraft

All Saints has a vibrant Care Ministry that aims to support and care for members of our congregation who are going through difficult times, whether sickness or sadness.

We have a committed group of volunteers who visit those in hospital or step-down facilities, another team of volunteers makes and delivers meals, keeps in contact with those ill at home and offers comfort to the bereaved.Prayer requests for the ill and lonely are sent out on a WhatsApp Prayer Fan to more than fifty volunteers who pray God’s healing and comfort for those in need.

Every year, All Saints offers Grief-Share and Divorce-Care Courses for those experiencing loss and grief, and needing support in these areas.

In particular we care for our older congregants, delivering love packets to their homes, and entertaining them with festive Seniors’ Tea-Parties once a year!

Please contact Jude on: 073 179 0382, if you would like to get involved or require more info.

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